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There many great places to love in Qatar, one of them is The Pearl Qatar. It is a man made island Spanning about four million square meters. It has 12,000 residents as of January 2015. Once finished, The Pearl Qatar will have a 32 kilometer coastline for use as a residential estate, and an estimated 45,000 by 2018. Back on 2004, the estimated budget for this project was just $2.5 billion. It is now believed to be $15 billion when completed. The name "The Pearl Qatar" was chosen for the island because it is sitting on a previous diving site.

The island is melting pot of many different national and international themes, including aspects of European, Mediterranean, and Arabic culture. The Pearl has a Venice like community and has a extensive drainage system, pedestrian friendly plazas and squares, and beach front townhouses. The island also has a range of international retail options to browse and shop. The island also has the best restaurants offering different cuisine from all around the world, headed by world renowned chefs bringing the best of the worlds in terms of food.

The pearl is also home to most amazing residential apartments in Doha, Qatar. The Pearl Qatar apartments are very luxurious as and spacious. With a great view of either marina or sea. The Pearl apartments also have great amenities and services like covered parking, pool and shared gyms.